QV: Over 96% of New Zealand property owners profiting from resales

More homeowners are selling properties for a profit based on the buoyant housing market conditions over the past few years, according to new data from CoreLogic.   In the first three months of 2017, 96.3% of all homes resold did so at a gross profit compared to their previous sale price, according to the CoreLogic March quarter Pain and Gain report. Owners pocketed a median gain of $167,000 per sale, with...
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Auckland property values accelerate again (

Sorry folks, Auckland is headline news again, with property prices continuing to climb in the overheated property market. Seasonality does have a part to play with an increase in listings across the country as the weather gets warmer. The latest monthly QV Residential Price Movement Index shows that nationwide residential property values for November have increased 5.1% over the past year and 0.7% over the past three months.  This means...
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Rockhopper launched its latest product - DPO

Rockhopper launched the latest product: Development Potential Overview (DPO). Your DPO provides an overview on the development potential for your property, either residential or commercial. Your DPO will provide clarity on the high-level development potential on your site. We will start with undertaking a site visit to your property and gather basic information. Our planners will review the information and prepare a formal report. The scopes of work are set out below: Site...
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