East Coast Height Retail Hub

Introducing Rockhopper's development management service for East Coast Heights Retail Hub - an expansive retail development in the bustling Silverdale community. This dynamic development consists of three spacious buildings, offering over 5000 square metres of commercial space that caters to a range of uses, including supermarkets, retail shops, food and beverage outlets, office spaces, and gym facilities.

Rockhopper's expert team has been instrumental in designing and executing this exceptional retail hub, incorporating state-of-the-art features and amenities to create a vibrant and dynamic environment for businesses and customers alike. Our team has collaborated with top architects and engineers to ensure that the development is of the highest quality, both in terms of design and construction.

We understand the complexities of managing large retail developments, and our experienced team provides comprehensive development management services, including project planning, construction management, cost control, risk management, and stakeholder communication. Our goal is to ensure that the project is completed within budget, on time, and to the highest quality standards.

At East Coast Heights Retail Hub, we are committed to creating a thriving commercial hub that meets the diverse needs of our community. Our development management services are tailored to ensure that our clients can maximise the potential of their commercial spaces, offering businesses the ideal environment to thrive and grow. With ample parking, easy access to major transport links, and a prime location in the heart of Silverdale, East Coast Heights Retail Hub is the perfect destination for businesses and customers alike.