Ōpaheke Development

Welcome to Rockhopper's development management and advisory services for the Ōpaheke development. We are proud to play a crucial role in assisting with flooding assessment and submission to the Council for this expansive 40-hectare site. Our work is aimed at safeguarding the development potential of this site while effectively addressing stakeholder management matters.

About the Ōpaheke Development:

This development holds immense promise and potential, covering over 40 hectares of land. Our mission is to transform this site into a thriving and sustainable community, unlocking its development potential while ensuring that all stakeholders' concerns are appropriately addressed.

Our Role in Development Advisory and Flooding Assessment:

Rockhopper brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the Ōpaheke development, offering a range of critical services:

  1. Development Advisory: Our advisory services cover all aspects of the development process, from initial concept to final delivery. We provide strategic guidance to help you navigate the complexities of a development project of this scale.

  2. Flooding Assessment: Our team of experts conducts thorough flooding assessments to identify potential risks and issues. We use data and analysis to develop strategies to mitigate flooding concerns, ensuring the safety and stability of the development.

  3. Council Submissions: We assist in the preparation and submission of documentation to local authorities, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met. Our goal is to streamline the approval process and facilitate efficient communication with the Council.

  4. Stakeholder Management: We understand the importance of managing relationships with all stakeholders, including local authorities, community groups, and residents. We work to resolve any concerns or issues, ensuring a harmonious development process.